The bioremediation services offered by EcoMend are a combination of biorestoration, biostimulation, and bioaugmentation.

Bioremediation is the act of using natural life (bio) to break down and remediate a contaminated site, surface or object. Restoring a surface or object to a condition which is no longer hazardous to the environment, is the prime objective of this process.

The results are faster and more efficient remediation than other methods. This enhanced approach can achieve dramatic results in relatively short periods of time

Using microorganisms and special enhancement solutions to break down the hydrocarbon pollutant is the newest and most successful technology being utilized in this process. There are many different methods accepted in these processes. However, biodegradation is the preferred system in most cases. The related system can be categorized as follows:
  • BIODEGRADATION: The degrading or chemical breakdown of a substance or compound that's using living microorganisms.
  • BIORESTORATION: The restoring of an object or site to a biologically suitable condition similar to its original state by the utilization of natural microorganisms. Nature in itself acts as a built in check and balance system. Within time (years), nature will usually create a defensive mechanism (microbial) to re-establish a natural balance.
  • BIOSTIMULATION: The act of physically manipulating a contaminated site to enhance the growth of existing or added microorganisms. Nature in time will populate an area with microorganisms to start a natural remediation process. This process is drastically enhanced during properly engineered biostimulation.
  • BIOAUGMENTATION: This is the utilization of specific living forms to enhance or augment the natural processes taking place.
The major benefit of bio-remediation is transformation and not transportation. The cost of transformation is lower and requires little or no specialized equipment. Bioremediation is the newest technology in remediating hydrocarbon contamination in an environmentally conscious world.