Frequently Asked Questions
What is EcoMend?
EcoMend is a state of the art oil and hydrocarbon absorbent material made from a high grade sphagnum peat moss.

How does it work?
With a patented systematic drying process, the water is removed from the product without damaging base bio-skeletal framework. This allows the base structure to retain its ability to encapsulate hydrocarbons.

What does EcoMend absorb?
EcoMend has the ability to effectively absorb and encapsulate all petroleum-based products.

Is Ecomend toxic?
It is an all-Natural product that is considered non-toxic, no-carcinogenic to both humans and animals.

Is EcoMend flammable?
When ignited, by itself EcoMend only smolders, however if the liquid that is absorbed is flammable (such as gasoline) then the entire substance will be flammable.

Has EcoMend been tested?
EcoMend has been tested it meets and exceeds: The EPA, OSHA & ANSI guidelines. EcoMend has passed the TLCP & PFT tests.

How should EcoMend be disposed of?
EcoMend has a low ash residue of only 2% and a high BTU value of 17,000 is a clear choice for disposal through incineration. Disposal through landfills is still a viable solution for waste solution of oil and gas mixed with EcoMend. However by choosing this method please be aware of all Federal, State, and local laws that regulate the governing of the landfills and what may be disposed into them.

How does EcoMend enhance the Bio-Degradation of the hydrocarbons and Petro-chemicals?
EcoMend encapsulates the hydrocarbons and entraps them into its cellular structure. After the hydrocarbon is encapsulated the action of naturally occuring microorganisms enhances the natural breakdown of the hydrocarbons. The microbial activity will break the hydrocarbons down into carbon dioxide and water. This breakdown occurs within a period of three months to a year, depending on variables such as sunlight, oxygen, temperatures, etc.

How does EcoMend compare to Clay based waste clean-up type products?
EcoMend Clay
Lightweight, easy to handle Heavy and Bulky
Superior absorbency
1lb picks up 1 gallon of waste
Absorbant rate significantly less than the competition
Ecapsulates and wicks oil Oil adheres to outside of clay:
Can cause leaching
EcoMend is effective on both Land and water Can only be used on land
Bio-degrades over time Non-Biodegradable
Vapor Suppression N/A
Incineration rate less than 2% ash residue Incineration rate leaves 98% ash residue
Low Abrasion-Hardness less than 1 Higher abrasion factor of 7
100% Organic Non-Toxic Contains Silica: A known Carcinogen